DIY Succulent Bar- Friday
DIY Succulent Bar- Friday
DIY Succulent Bar- Friday

DIY Succulent Bar- Friday

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Due to the current out break of the Coronavirus we have had to decide how best to handle our annual succulent bar. In the past it has been a fun gathering with no assigned times or limits. However, we feel at this time it is best to proceed with more caution and have some control over the number of people in the store at one time.

With that we are going to limit the numbers to 8 people every 45 minutes. This should allow us additional time to frequently clean and sanitize during the event. It should also be noted, if you feel that you may be contagious or have been in contact with someone who has been diagnosed, we request that you not attend. We want this to be a safe environment for everyone.

There is no charge to reserve your time slot. Make sure to add a ticket for each person you will be bringing with you. I have not tried doing this before, this is a new system to us so please bear with us during this time. 

Thank you,

D'Arcie & Barbara

How the event works:
Select a container from our stash, choose your own succulent, and get your hands dirty! We will have all the supplies you need to plant your succulent.

All succulents and pots will be priced so you can choose your own cost based on the items you select. NO workshop fees so the only cost is of the items you take home!

If live just isn't your thing, no worries we have plenty of faux succulent plants to choose from. You can plant it and never water it again!

No experience necessary as our staff is ready to help and guide you! All ages are welcome!!